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We are known as Korea’s Best Plastic Surgery Clinic and have been awarded by the government as Korea’s leading plastic surgery clinic.

For the last 18 years, we’ve performed surgery on over hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients.

We are dedicated to providing the best in Korean plastic surgery!

Whole Body Liposuction

Whole body liposuction, safety must be checked first   There is a social prejudice that obesity equals laziness, but in fact, obesity is a disease, and it is a problem that cannot be easily overcome by being on a simple diet. It is also not easy to decide to undergo whole body liposuction for highly

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Breast Examination

Why breast examination is essential before and after breast plastic surgery   Dr. Jaebeom Seo from Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic   When considering breast plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation, reduction surgery, or autologous fat grafting, many people are busy thinking about the implant selection or the incision site, expecting what it will look like

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Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

Misconception & Truth about Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery Everyone will have the same desire not to feel too plastic or unnatural after plastic surgery that one got to improve their concern. In particular, in the case of double eyelid surgery, there are many people who have a vague prejudice that it should be performed using

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Diagnosis of appropriate method according to the cause for revision rhinoplasty Dr.Kyungho Ko from Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic advises “As the nose is positioned in the center of the face, surgery should be performed considering of optimal ratio.” Among various plastic surgeries, ‘nose surgery’ is a plastic surgery that a lot of people consider to

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Ptosis Correction(Eye)

Sleepy looking eyes,  “ptosis correction surgery” is the answer!   Ptosis of the eyes is either due to congenitally weak muscle that is used to open the eyes or acquired factors such as aging and injury. If you have eye ptosis, the eyelids cover your eyes showing the pupils less than 2/3, and it makes

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Deviated Nose

Deviated Nose Surgery,  in Consideration of Both Aesthetic and Functional Aspects Nose is in the center of  the face, so it can be an important facial feature that decides first impression of a person depending on its height, balance, and symmetry. Generally, a deviated nose is when the line of nose bridge to nose tip

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